Deal Announcements

  • April 8, 2022

    IPinvestments Group retained by a private company to sell a portfolio of 7 US patents relating to database solutions, in particular, access of concurrent computation with shared resources.
  • March 29, 2022

    DEAL ANNOUNCEMENT: A private corporation sold a patent portfolio of 20 assets relating to power distribution and analytics, applicable to data centers and digital twin suppliers and OEMs, to an operating company.
  • March 4, 2022

    IPinvestments Group retained to sell a portfolio relating to data forward storage in a distributed network that is applicable to blockchain applications. The portfolio includes a total of 128 assets, including 31 US assets and 97 assets covering Europe and Asia.
  • February 11, 2022

    DEAL ANNOUNCEMENT: A patent owner sold a patent portfolio relating to content delivery, which allows content continuity and handoff, to a publicly-traded company.