Our Services

We are a patent monetization company providing patent brokering and patent licensing services to patent owners. Our business primarily consists of three areas:  Patent Brokering, Patent Licensing, and Patent Investments. We provide all of our services on a success fee (contingency fee) basis with no upfront fees, while giving our clients complete control throughout the process. Our professionals have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in patent sales and licensing transactions for our clients, which range from individual inventors to large publicly-traded companies, both in the US and around the world.

We specialize in monetizing patents primarily through patent sales and enforcement patent licensing programs.  We are committed to providing our clients with superior tailored services to maximize the price obtained in patent monetization transactions. We are recognized as one of the top patent brokers in the country.

Patent Brokering

For our patent brokering services, we market our clients’ patents for sale to a wide range of potential buyers (including operating companies, patent aggregators, and patent enforcers) with the goal being to generate a competitive environment among the buyers in the patent marketplace.  Our marketing process is tailored to meet the needs of each particular client and includes a specialized sales process custom designed to maximize the value of each unique patent portfolio.

Patent Licensing

For our patent licensing services, we partner with patent owners to develop, implement, and manage patent enforcement licensing programs.  As a member of the patent enforcement team, we are involved in all phases of the enforcement program, including the selection and retention of contingent fee patent litigators, the identification of potential infringers, settlement discussions, the negotiation of licensing terms with defendants, and development of overall program strategies and tactics.

patent investments

In terms of patent investments, we facilitate investments in and acquisitions of patent portfolios. Specific types of investments may include purchasing ownership or partnership rights from patent holders to implement and/or manage licensing programs, or funding patent enforcement litigation expenses in exchange for a return on the investment.